Theft and Fraud Charges

R. v. J.F. [2017]
Client was arrested at the border for not declaring an expensive watch that had been purchased while abroad. Case was sent to the CBSA investigators to determine if criminal charges would be pursued. Mr. Shapray was retained to deal with the investigators and was successful in working with them to NOT pursue criminal charges and release the watch upon payment of civil fines and duties – NO CHARGE.

R. v. N.P. [2017]
Client charged with smuggling under the Customs Act and other charges under the Explosives Act in relation to the non-declaration of illegal firecrackers when crossing the border from Washington State into British Columbia. Negotiations by Mr. Shapray led to a plea resolution where the Explosives Act charges were DROPPED and there was a plea to a single charge under the Customs Act. Contested sentencing led to the client receiving a Conditional Discharge and NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. L.O. [2017]
Client charged with fraud and possession of fake identification documents in relation to incident at a bank where he attempted to open a bank account using a fake name. Mr. Shapray made submissions to the prosecutor during the early stages of the proceedings regarding the lack of evidence to support the fraud charge which resulted in a resolution of the case focused on the false identification documents. Sentencing submissions resulted in client receiving a CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE – NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. P.F. [2016]
Mr. Shapray was retained by Client who was under investigation by police for fraud involving allegation that client had overbilled insurance company for services that were not provided. Mr. Shapray entered into negotiations directly with the insurance company resulting in settlement which led to police deciding NOT TO LAY CHARGES – CASE CLOSED

R. v. C.P. [2015]
Client from out of Province found out about a B.C. Warrant for dated Fraud Charges against employer. Mr. Shapray was able to arrange to have the warrant dealt with in court without client having to travel back to B.C. and go into custody. Case delayed by Mr. Shapray to permit client to make restitution and sentencing hearing resulted in client receiving a Suspended Sentence and Probation – NO JAIL TIME.

R. v. D.B. [2016]
Client charged with credit card fraud in relation to allegations of gift certificate fraud at local sporting goods store. Evidence in relation to involvement of client was weak and submissions by Mr. Shapray to the prosecutor led to charges being DROPPED prior to trial with Co-accused pleading guilty.

R. v. M.O. (2014)
Client was charged with assault and theft arising out of an incident at a retail store in Kelowna. Client insisted that he was not present at the time of the alleged offence and that they had the "wrong guy". Mr. Shapray strategically approached the Crown prosecutor with proof that his client was not even in Kelowna at the time of the incident leading to the prosecutor asking police to do follow up investigation. Through fingerprint analysis, the police determined that the client was NOT THE GUY and the charges were DROPPED before trial.

R. v. H.B. (2014)
Client charges with Mischief in high profile case involving the cutting down and trimming of trees in a public park. Mr. Shapray successfully quarterbacked a protracted negotiation and resolution of the criminal and civil case. Criminal charges resolved with extensive submissions on sentencing which resulted in client being granted an ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE and thus ending up with NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. F.H. [2014]
Charges DROPPED against client charged with theft for price tag changing at local department store - Alternative Measures - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. J.D. [2014]
Case involving multiple charges of Uttering Threats resolved through negotiation with a PEACE BOND - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. C.P. [2014]
Charges of fraud and identity theft involving allegations of use of a stolen credit card DROPPED prior to trial after deficiencies in the prosecutor's case raised by Mr. Shapray – NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. M.R. [2013]
Client charged with fraud in relation to expenditure issues while employed for a City in the Lower Mainland. Mr. Shapray negotiated a resolution involving partial restitution of amount alleged to have been taken. Client also received Conditional Sentence from Judge after sentencing submissions.

R. v. M.H. [2013]
Female client charges with multi-year fraud involving misappropriation of funds in her role as a bookkeeper. Mr. Shapray employed a delay and counselling strategy, which permitted client to obtain valuable counselling and make partial repayment of stolen funds. Client had prior criminal record but still received Conditional Sentence after extensive submissions by Mr. Shapray at the sentencing hearing.

R. v. E.K. [2013]
Case involving credit card fraud in Alberta waived to British Columbia after
negotiations between Mr. Shapray and prosecutors office in Alberta. Plea entered in
BC court and client received a Conditional Sentence.

R. v. G.G. [2013]
Case involved a middle aged woman accused of shoplifting. Representations made
by Mr. Shapray resulted in resolution by way of Alternative Measures/Diversion -

R. v. J.M. [2012]

Case involving large scale theft of almost $500,000 over 7 years resulted in Conditional Sentence Order - Jail sentence permitted to be served in the community. Mr. Shapray made extensive submissions on sentencing regarding mitigating factors for sentencing as Crown prosecutor was initially seeking 3 to 4 years in jail.

R. v. M.H. [2012]
Charges of Possession of Stolen Property in relation to an allegation of the theft of a sailboat DROPPED by prosecutor prior to trial date being set after numerous court appearances and negotiations by Mr. Shapray regarding legal and factual issues with the prosecutor's case against his client.

R. v. T.E. [2012]
Fraud charges involving ICBC DROPPED by prosecutor after challenge to police evidence against Mr. Shapray's client - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. N.D. [2011]
Client charged with internal theft for stealing cash from employer - Crown sought Conditional Jail Sentence - after contested sentencing submissions, Judge granted Suspended Sentence as sought by Mr. Shapray - NO JAIL SENTENCE.

R. v. N.G. [2011]
Charges of Possession of Stolen Property DROPPED by prosecutor before trial after challenge to police evidence and lack of proper note taking during the investigation.

R. v. M.C. [2010]
Charges involving internal theft from employer resulted in CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE - NO CRIMINAL RECORD. Client had manipulated inventory system at major computer company to steal computer components for personal use.

R. v. C.N. [2010]
Client received conditional discharge in credit card fraud case involving identity theft - No Criminal Record.