Drug Charges

R. v. A.A. [2018]
Client charged with dial-a-dope offences in Surrey, B.C. involving police surveillance and flight from police. Mr. Shapray ran a preliminary inquiry where multiple officers were cross-examined extensively on their notes and reports. Challenges were made to the officer’s credibility and reliability as well as the grounds for the arrest of the accused. After the preliminary inquiry, Mr. Shapray made submissions to the Federal Prosecutor that the case fell short of the charge approval standard and that the police did not have sufficient grounds to arrest and search the accused. After consideration and discussions, the prosecutor AGREED TO DROP THE CHARGES prior to setting a trial date.

R. v. R.V. [2017]
Client was charged with multiple counts of PPT for various drugs including Fentanyl and Methamphetamine as well as possession of a loaded gun. Case resolved around the stop of a vehicle and the arrest of the accused for some driving offences. A challenge to the grounds for the search of the vehicle was launched as it was alleged that he police had NO LEGAL GROUNDS to search the truck. The JUDGE found that the police had conducted an ILLEGAL search of the truck and found that the accused’s Charter rights had been breached leading to the Judge excluding the evidence of the Drugs and Gun from the trial and the accused being found NOT GUILTY.

R. v. L.C. [2017]
Client was charged with PPT Marijuana in relation to a large bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia found in his vehicle that was stopped by the police. Case was set for trial but last minute plea bargain negotiations on the morning of trial led to a plea to the lesser offence of personal possession of Marijuana. Client received a Conditional Discharge – NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. K.C. [2017]
Client faced charges of possession of Marijuana in relation to an incident where he was the passenger of a parked car that became the subject of a public complaint of suspicious activity. Police arrested the driver and the passenger. In the time leading up to the trial, Mr. Shapray made written submissions to the federal prosecutor which convinced him that they could not prove the case against his client (the passenger) and the charges were DROPPED prior to trial.

R. v. T.B. [2017]
Female client has been residing in a house that was busted for a Marijuana Grow Op a number of years ago. When coming into Canada recently she was arrested on dated drug charges in relation to the police raid. Mr. Shapray was able to raise issues concerning the delay in arresting the client and put together a detailed chronology of her whereabouts over the years to show that she was not in hiding and police had an obligation to proceed with the case without delay. CHARGES DROPPED prior to trial date being set.

R. v. S.G. [2016]
Client charged with trafficking in cocaine in relation to a dial-a-dope operation. Mr. Shapray was retained shortly after charges and managed a rehabilitation program for client for 2 years prior to entering plea and conducting sentencing hearing. Crown prosecutor seeking 6 month jail sentence. Mr. Shapray was successful in persuading the Judge that his client met the test for "exceptional circumstances" and to grant his client a SUSPENDED SENTENCE resulting in NO JAIL TIME.

R. v. G.B. [2016]
Sentencing hearing for client charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in Marijuana. Crown prosecutor seeking 9 month jail sentence. Conditional Sentence not available to be granted by Judge. Sentencing submissions from Mr. Shapray that client fit within category of offenders who should be granted a Suspended Sentence were accepted by Judge – NO JAIL SENTENCE.

R. v. T.M. [2016]
Female client charged with possession of marijuana after police pull over of vehicle from which joint had been thrown out the window. Search of vehicle led to location of marijuana. Client received an ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE resulting in NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. W.L. [2015]
Police executed two search warrant at client's property in relation to allegations of overgrowing the number of plants allowed under medical marijuana provisions. Significant number of marijuana plants, firearms and large amounts of cash located. Mr. Shapray was retained and dealt quickly with police and Federal Crown prosecutor to deal with surrender and then bail hearing resulting on client being released on bail on day of surrender.

R. v. J.L. [2015]
Client from B.C. charged with drug offences in Canmore, Alberta after he was found in possession of Cocaine and Marijuana after a traffic stop.  Negotiations led to client being approved for Alternative Measures resulting in a Stay of Proceedings – NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. M.P. [2015]
Client from Alberta charged with serious drug offences (PPT Cocaine) in Dawson Creek, British Columbia after search warrant executed on hotel room. Large quantities of drugs and money found in hotel room linked to the accused.  Mr. Shapray worked with client to focus on rehabilitation during time between charge and trial.  Contested sentencing hearing held where the prosecutor was seeking long jail sentence.  Mr. Shapray was successful in legal arguments resulting in client receiving a Suspended Sentence and NO JAIL TIME.

R. v. M.X. [2014]
Lengthy trial involving client charged with marijuana grow op ends with charges being DROPPED by prosecutor on morning of closing arguments. Challenge to police vehicle stop, search of the accused and delay issues at trial all lead to great result for client - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. C.B. [2014]
Conditional Discharge (NO JAIL) for client charged with trafficking drugs as a result of shipping a package at the airport - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. L.C. [2014]
Marijuana Grow Operation case resolved for elderly client with a 12-month CONDITIONAL SENTENCE - Federal Prosecutor has sought 24 months in jail. Case involved 2 separate grow operations.

R. v. D.W. [2014]
Marijuana Grow Operation case involving over 1,000 plants resolved for client with a 15-month CONDITIONAL SENTENCE - Federal Prosecutor has sought real jail sentence.

R. v. J.W. [2013]
Client retained Mr. Shapray after she was convicted of multiple counts of drug trafficking at a trial. Crown prosecutor was seeking over 1 year in jail on sentencing. Mr. Shapray managed the sentencing process and made extensive legal submissions resulting in client receiving a Conditional Sentence.

R. v. J.M. [2013]
Client charged with possession of over 100 grams of Marijuana in relation to border
search of car. Client received ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE after extensive sentencing
submissions by Michael Shapray - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. B.F. [2013]
Client charged with Possession of Cocaine. Mr. Shapray negotiated with Crown
Prosecutor and made submissions in behalf of client which resulted in case being
resolved by way of Alternative Measures/Diversion - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. J.F. [2012]
Charges dropped by the prosecutor prior to trial in mid size marijuana grow operation after extensive preparation and work by Mr. Shapray.

R v. R.F. [2012]
Client charged with 700 plant grow operation. Crown prosecutor seeking 12 months in jail after guilty plea. Mr. Shapray made extensive submissions at sentencing hearing resulting in client receiving a Conditional Sentence Order to be served in the community.

R. v. J.S. [2012]
Significant rural grow op charges DROPPED prior to trial. Mr. Shapray represented client at preliminary inquiry and cross-examined officer who obtained Search Warrant extensively raising significant issues.

R. v. R.D. [2010]
Grow Op charges not approved by prosecutor subsequent to Mr. Shapray being retained during police investigation.

R. v. A.H. [2010]
Charges of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking marijuana DROPPED by prosecutor after challenge to the police evidence. Case involved traffic stop and vehicle search.

R. v. J.L. [2010]
Client received Conditional Sentence Order in case involving dial-a-dope cocaine trafficking - sentence to be served in the community instead of real jail. Crown prosecutor had been seeking 12 months in real jail.

R. v. S.G. [2009]
Charges of Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking dropped by prosecutor prior to trial after challenge to evidence regarding issue of possession - large amount of marijuana found in trunk of car.

R. v. R.M. [2009]
Charge of Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking reduced to simple possession of Marijuana after submissions to prosecutor regarding weakness of the expert evidence in the case.

R. v. B.M. [2009]
Client received Conditional Discharge in relation to charge of possession of cocaine - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. B.R. [2009]
Charges of smuggling and trafficking in illegal cigarettes DROPPED PRIOR TO TRIAL after challenge to police evidence and grounds to obtain search warrant.

R. v. M.M. [2008]
Client granted conditional discharge for possession of marijuana resulting in No Criminal Record.

R. v. R.C. [2008]
Client charged with dial-a-dope of cocaine received Conditional Sentence to serve a jail sentence in the community.

R. v. S.S. [2008]
Charge of trafficking in cocaine dropped by prosecutor prior to trial after challenge to quality of police evidence - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. A.C. [2008]
Client found NOT GUILTY of charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana after trial and challenge to grounds of police officer to search vehicle.

R. v. U.T. [2008]
Charges of possession of a large quantity of a Methamphetamine Precursor dropped by prosecutor after challenge to police evidence and improper tactics used in taking statement from the accused at the time of arrest.

R. v. J.B. [2008]
Client granted Conditional Sentence on charges of trafficking in cocaine to undercover police officer in dial-a-dope investigation resulting in sentence being served as house arrest and not in jail.

R. v. R.M. [2007]
Client released on bail in relation to serious drug and criminal organization charges.

R. v. M.R. [2007]
Client received Conditional Sentence for Marijuana Grow Op charges resulting in no jail time.

R. v. N.M. [2007]
Client found NOT GUILTY by jury after 8-week trial on conspiracy charges relating to the importation and trafficking in heroin and cocaine.

R. v. W.W. [2007]
PPT cocaine charges dropped by prosecutor after challenge to police search tactics - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. S.Z. [2007]
Marijuana Grow Op charges dropped by prosecutor prior to trial after challenge to police investigation.

R. v. D.G. [2006]
Charges of Marijuana Grow Operation dropped after aggressive challenge to grounds for arrest and police investigation.

R. v. C.K. [2006]
Drug trafficking charges dropped after challenge to police investigation - client approved for diversion - No Criminal Record!

R. v. N.H. [2005]
Marijuana grow operation case withdrawn by prosecutor after challenge to police investigation.

R. v. N.P. [2005]
Cocaine possession charges dropped after submissions to federal prosecutor concerning strength of the case and background of the accused.

R. v. D.H. [2005]
Charges of mischief and drug possession dropped after challenge to police evidence. Client approved for diversion out of the criminal justice system.

R. v. K.C. [2005]
New trial ordered by Court of Appeal in drug trafficking case.

R. v. A.P. [2005]
Application for access to Search Warrant documents in complex criminal investigation across Canada.

R. v. R.J. [2004]
Represented all-star football player involved in high profile drug arrest - challenge to police evidence results in NO CRIMINAL CHARGES BEING LAID.

R. v. B.B. [2004]
Charge of possession of Ecstasy - charges withdrawn after attack on police search.

R. v. P. [2003]
Charge of possession of cocaine - charges withdrawn.

R. v. R.B. [2003] B.C.J. No. 1315 (B.C.C.A.)
Challenge to the constitutionality of the B.C. Hydro Tariff argued at the British Columbia Court of Appeal in a marijuana grow operation case.