Impaired Driving Results

R. v. O.H. [2011]
DUI charge thrown out by Judge after Mr. Shapray's application to stay the proceedings as a result of a breach of the client's right to be tried within a reasonable time under the Charter. Judge finds that defence was not responsible for any of the delay and that the guidelines set out by the Supreme Court of Canada for an impaired driving trial had been exceeded.

R. v. T.H. [2011]
DUI charged DROPPED after diligent disclosure inquiries by Mr. Shapray lead to discovery of improper communications between prosecutor and investigating police officer.

R. v. B.W. [2011]
Impaired driving and Over "80" charges DROPPED after issues raised regarding the inability of the Court to provide dates for a trial within a reasonable time.

R. v. K.M. [2011]
Charge of refusing to comply with a breath demand DROPPED BY CROWN mid-trial after attack on the training of the Breathalyzer technician's qualifications and lack of knowledge regarding the no volume key on the instrument.

R. v. S.B. [2011]
Impaired Driving charges involving accident resolved on morning of trial as a result of challenge to evidence concerning identity of driver and discovery of missing disclosure by Mr. Shapray - No Criminal Record

R. v. B.G. [2011]
Delay issues raised in DUI charges - negotiation with Crown led to plea pursuant to s. 144 under the Motor Vehicle Act. After contested submissions to the Judge on appropriate sentence, client received NO DRIVING PROHIBITION.

R. v. C.A. [2011]
Impaired Driving charges resolved by way of plea to s. 144 of the Motor Vehicle Act after challenge to aspects of police evidence and issue regarding availability of court time - NO CRIMINAL RECORD and NO DRIVING PROHIBITION.

R. v. N.G. [2011]
DUI charges dropped for plea to Motor Vehicle Act charge after issues raised regarding unreasonable delay - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

R. v. S.M. [2011]
Mid-trial resolution of Impaired Driving and Driving Over 80 charges after challenge to quality of police evidence - plea to s. 144 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

R. v. D.P. [2011]
Charges of Impaired Driving and Over 80 resolved with plea to s. 144 of the Motor Vehicle Act after challenge to police evidence - NO CRIMINAL RECORD.