Appeals and Bail Hearings Results

R. v. R.M. [2007]
Client released on bail in relation to serious drug and criminal organization charges.

R. v. M.B. [2007]
Client from Australia released on bail in relation to sexual assault charges in British Columbia.

R. v. S.S. [2007]
Client charged with large scale fraudulent credit card factory released on bail.

R. v. E.W. [2004] B.C.J. No. 1756
Sentence appeal granted by B.C. Court of Appeal - Conditional Sentence to be served at home substituted for 20-month jail sentence in dangerous driving case.

R. v. K.C. [2004]
Bail granted by the B.C. Court of Appeal despite 1-year jail sentence - issue on appeal will be challenged to the validity of the guilty plea.

R. v. L.W. [2003] B.C.J. No. 1022 (B.C.C.A.)
The British Columbia Court of Appeal stated that Mr. Shapray's submissions were "excellent" during a sentence appeal in an abduction case.

R. v D. [2001]
Sentence appeal in an assault case where the appeal court substituted a discharge for a conviction with jail time.

R. v. A.N. [2001]
Appeal from conviction for possession of a prohibited weapon - new trial ordered.

F. v. Mental Health Centre, Penetanguishene et al. [2001]
Successful application to have client transferred from high to medium security mental health institution. When hospital failed to comply with transfer order, mandamus application launched to compel compliance - Client transferred without further delay.

R. v. J.G. [2000]
Successful application to overturn detention order in a criminal harassment case - bail granted.

R. v. P. [2000] O.J. No. 234 (Ont. C.A.)
Sentence appeal argued at the Ontario Court of Appeal.