Appeals and Bail Hearings Results

R. v. J.P. [2017]
Client in-custody and facing multiple charges of PPT for drugs and possession of firearms facing a reverse onus situation on bail hearing. Client also suffering from addiction issues which led to Mr. Shapray arranging for recovery house and comprehensive release plan – client RELEASED from jail pending trial.

R. v. J.M. [2017]
Client was facing an ARREST WARRANT and new charges of breaching a probation order and bail conditions for contact with the complainant. Discussions with the prosecutor in advance led to a change in position and arrangements being made for client to avoid formal arrest and to be released on bail conditions on consent.

R. v. W.L. [2015]
Police executed two search warrant at client's property in relation to allegations of overgrowing the number of plants allowed under medical marijuana provisions. Significant number of marijuana plants, firearms and large amounts of cash located. Mr. Shapray was retained and dealt quickly with police and Federal Crown prosecutor to deal with surrender and then bail hearing resulting on client being released on bail on day of surrender.

R. v. A.S. [2015]
Client charged with domestic assault initially released with No Contact conditions with wife and business partner. Mr. Sharpay retained and was quickly able to get bail conditions amended to allow contact for the purposes of running business and later to permit client to move back into family home.

R. v. T.M. [2012]
Client on bail for domestic assault and firearms charges charged with breach of his bail conditions. Crown prosecutor took position at bail hearing that client should be detained in jail until trial. Mr. Shapray argued bail hearing before Judge who released client on similar terms to original bail release.

R. v. D.D. [2009]
Client charged with stabbing released on bail and allowed to return to his home in Ontario pending trial in British Columbia.

R. v. B.R. [2009]
Client charged with firearms possession after search warrant executed on home released on bail.

R. v. P.L. [2009]
Client charged with attempted murder of wife released on bail.

R. v. P.Z.C. [2008]
Client charged with fraud and identity theft released on bail after prosecutor argued for detention order pending trial.

R. v. G.J. [2008]
Client charged with sexual assault released on bail - arrangements made for client to deal with arrest warrant without having to surrender into police custody.

R. v. B.F. [2008]
Client facing forcible confinement and drug charges released on bail after spending 2 months in custody due to challenge to evidence and strength of the prosecutor's case.